#5: Tawaf Zamzam Water for Treatment


What is the ruling if we perform tawaf (circumambulation of the Kaaba) at the Baitullah al-Haram while we bring several bottles of Zamzam water with the intention that we want to use the water afterwards for treatment of diseases or illnesses and what is the status of our tawaf?


Among the sunnah of tawaf (after tawaf) is as cited by Habib Hasan bin Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Kaff in al-Taqrirat al-Sadidah is to drink Zamzam water as much as we want to. [1]

From Jabir bin Abdillah RA, he heard Rasullullah PBUH said:

مَاءُ زَمْزَمَ، لِمَا شُرِبَ لَهُ

“The water of Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.” [2]

The Prophet PBUH himself acknowledges the advantages of Zamzam water to be filling and can be used to treat diseases, where the Prophet PBUH said:

إِنَّهَا مُبَارَكَةٌ، وَهِيَ طَعَامُ طُعْمٍ، ‌وَشِفَاءُ ‌سُقْمٍ

Indeed, there’s a blessing in it. It is fulfilling food and cure for diseases.” [3]

Hence, it isn’t necessary to be brought together while performing tawaf for there is concern that we may spill it on others. Moreover, it could also distract our concentration in worship and dhikr during tawaf. Wallahua’lam.

[1] Al-Taqrirat al-Sadidah fi al-Masa’il al-Mufidah, p. 483

[2] Narrated by Ibn Majah, no. 3062

[3] Narrated by Abu Daud, no. 459

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